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County Championship Playing Conditions

To ensure you can follow every element of the Sepcsavers County Championship, keep up to date with the below playing conditions:

Hours of Play:

Play begins at 11am and runs to 6pm for all four days with a minimum of 96 overs a day for the first three days, with a minimum of 80 overs on day four. A maximum of 30 minutes of lost time can be made up on each day.

Lunch: 1:00pm – 1:40pm
Tea: Days 1, 2 & 3 at 3:40pm or when 32 overs remain. Day 4 at 3:40pm.

For every 3 minutes 45 seconds of stoppages, one over is lost.

*Please note all timings move back 30 minutes in September

After 80 overs, a new ball can be claimed

  • Points System:

    Win: 16 points
    Tie: 8 points
    Draw: 5 points
    Loss: 0 points

    As well as gaining the above points for the result, teach team can also receive bonus points for performances in their first batting and bowling innings (first 110 overs of the innings). These points are awarded as follows:

    Bowling Points:

    3-5 wickets taken = 1 point
    6-8 wickets taken = 2 points
    9-10 wickets taken = 3 points

    Batting Points:

    200-249 runs scored = 1 point
    250-299 runs scored = 2 points
    300-349 runs scored= 3 points
    350-399 runs scored = 4 points
    400+ runs scored = 5 points