We believe passionately in sport as a driving force for good, bringing us together and uniting us. We want to help make the twenty-first century Yorkshire County Cricket Club a place that is truly for everyone, from all backgrounds. We want to update the Yorkshire Rose values so that they are, and are seen to be, for everyone. We are inspired by the universal values of human rights – which encompass but go beyond the traditional Yorkshire Rose values of fairness, integrity, honesty and plain speaking. Human rights are for all people, whoever they are. We will be working proactively and collectively to ensure that any individual, wherever they are in our Club (including, the stands, pitch, dressing room, office, social and training areas), knows that they have the right to: • be and feel safe, mentally and physically • be and feel treated fairly • express themselves freely, while respecting the personal dignity of others, and having their own dignity respected in turn.

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