Recreational Cricket in Yorkshire is governed by the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

Our vision is to add value to communities across Yorkshire using the power of cricket to make a difference to lives of people living here.

Our ambition is to inspire a generation to say that ‘Cricket is a game for me’.

Our goal is to promote the game of cricket at all levels across the County.

Our commitment is to provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and friendly for everyone to enjoy the game of cricket.

Across Yorkshire there are many opportunities to get involved in cricket. Cricket is represented and played in all forms, from club cricket, cricket in schools, community cricket, disability cricket and lots more. Cricket is a key part of the Yorkshire heritage and Yorkshire pride and we continue to promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at all levels of the game helping to combat racism and ensure the game of cricket is welcoming for all.

With over 800 recreational cricket clubs across the County the Yorkshire Cricket Board supports clubs in creating a fun and safe environment where everyone can enjoy the game.

We work closely with our cricket partners Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation to promote all forms of cricket within Yorkshire.

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