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Yorkshire County Cricket Supporters' Association

Above: Andrew Gale speaking to the assembled guests at the Scarborough dinner in the Royal Hotel, August, 2014

Mission Statement:

To support the Club & Players.

To raise funds to support this aim.

To encourage awareness of and interest in the existence and purpose of the Club and
the Association.

To act as a sounding board for any concerns raised by attendees at fixtures, and take appropriate action.

To promote social interaction and further enjoyment amongst the supporters of Yorkshire Cricket Club.

To facilitate attendance at cricket matches.

To promote links with with other groups to achieve these ends.

To assist in the preservation of the history and cherish the survival of traditions of this great club.

  • The Committee

    Charlotte Evers (Chairman)

    Alan Kaye (Secretary)

    Ken Blackburn (Treasurer)

    Joan Pickering (Membership)

    Veronica Denby (Sales)

    Ken Shaw (Speakers)

    Carol Blackburn

    Clifford Gregg

    Geoff Relton

  • To Join

    Download our membership information here

    Policy Statement Regarding Membership Database


    In my last up-date I should have reminded you that our February speaker will be Anthony McGrath, who obviously needs no introduction, and the event will be held on Sunday 15th February at 7.00pm in the Long Room.

    The March meeting will be out of sync: as due to Matthew Woods indisposition on the 15th the meeting will take place a week later at 7.00pm, same venue same time.

    Martyn Moxon will be speaking at the November Meeting on Sunday the 15th at 7.00pm.

    Finally I am pleased to inform you that the arrangements for Scarboro’ have now been confirmed. The Social Evening at the Alexandra Bowl will be on the 20th July (the Anniversary of von Stauffenberg’s bomb plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944).

    The Dinner at the Royal Hotel will take place on the 8th August.


  • YCCCSA Young Player’s Awards Presentation Evening

    Sadly fewer than twenty people were assembled in Classroom 2 of the East Stand where the meeting had been re-directed. This re-direction turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the venue was well heated and most comfortable. This was adequate reward for the hardy stalwarts who had braved the bitter cold and the prospect of a snowfall.

    Ian Dews was accompanied by four young players, Josh Shaw, James Logan, Mosun Hussain and Jared Warner, whose collective ages (excluding Ian!) were less than some of the individuals in the audience.

  • It was a measure of the success of the Academy System that the young men presented as mature beyond their years and in possession of a self confidence and a self believe which was demonstrated by the articulateness with which they delivered their introductions to themselves.

    Also evident was a sense of fun that here was a group who thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and were happy and relaxed in what they were doing.

    First came the presentations, the first one being to Josh Shaw as Young Player of the Year. He is a fast bowler from the Barnsley district whose father, Chris, played for the County in the 80’s.

  • The presentation of Emerging player of the Year went to James Logan a young left arm spinner who has impressed a lot of people during the season.

    The players then introduced themselves. Mosun is an opening bat has been associated with the County for two years; he is destined to go to Australia in April and carries out good wishes with him.

    He became interested in playing cricket at the age of eight or nine when he played for fun and graduated to the Academy via the Heavy Woollen Schools selection system and at the age of 11 scored two half centuries. This was followed by four half centuries on the trot which unfortunately were followed by four consecutive ducks.

    Already he has toured South Africa and Sri Lanka and has just returned from Dubai, he has made two international centuries.

    Josh, a young fast bowler of some promise, told us he had had an interest in cricket since the age of 6 eventually moving to play for Wakefield Thornes where he received some excellent coaching.

    He made his Academy debut against Northamptonshire and took 5 for 57. Already he has toured India and South Africa. Next season, to broaden his experience he will be playing Bradford League cricket for Hanging Heaton where some famous names have been engaged.

    These include Tony Nicholson, Harry Atkinson, Ronnie Hudson and a former Yorkshire member, who died recently, Joe Duckworth. In the 50’s they swept all before them in the Heavy Woollen League, under the legendary captaincy of Ronnie Robinson, before moving to the Bradford League.

    Jared Warner also played for Wakefield Thornes from the age of five or six and at the age of fifteen he won a scholarship to the Academy.

    He took part in the Bunbury Festival which gave him an entry into the England Development set up and for the last two years has played for the Yorkshire academy. He now wishes to firmly establish himself in the Yorkshire set up. In the last season, for the Academy he took 22 wickets at a cost of 9 runs each. He too will tour Australia in April.

    The left arm spinner, James Logan has also played cricket from the age of six or seven and at the tender of age of nine he played for the Yorkshire under eleven side.

    He found himself struggling with the bat and successfully turned to spin bowling, which is good news for all Yorkshire cricket fans who wish to see the restoration of the line of great left arm spinners stretching from Ted Peat, Bobby Peel, Wilfred Rhodes, Hedley Verity, Johnny Wardle, Don Wilson and Phil Carrick.

    He too has participated in the Bunbury Festival and played for the Yorkshire 2nd X1 when England came calling last season, he now wishes to consolidate on this position.

    Some very searching questions were asked by the absorbed audience and in reply to being asked what difficulties they faced on progressing through the stages Mosun responded by saying that the pace altered through the levels. He had found it difficult to get onto the front foot and recently he had been working on his back foot play.

    Josh, who won his 2nd X1 cap last season and now, has a second team contract, said he found the step up to four days per week very demanding and that the quality of wickets improved remarkably as one progressed through the stages.

    He particularly remembered a fixture against Somerset, who had fielded a particularly strong side, including Overton, have handed out thrashings on the Taunton Pitch where consistency is the keynote. He reflected that the higher one progresses the less you can get away with bad balls! Inevitably against professionals one has to develop a short ball game.

    James gave an invaluable insight into a young player’s development when he stated that at league level one just has to be patient and wait for the batsman to make a mistake, which invariably he will do. However, at a higher level bowlers need to develop a plan and learn to apply this, an aspect of the game he has been working on with Coach Richard Dawson.

    It was Ian Dews who encouraged the guests to speak of their successful season when they were successful in both competitions. They happily recounted the League Cup Final when they had been 30 for 4 and all out for 180.

    In reply the opposition reached 90, off ten overs before the opening partnership was broken. This proved to be vital experience for the young players as they had to learn to play the game over by over, attempting all the while to increase the pressure on the opposition.

    In the end they were hugely successful as the last ten wickets fell for 50 runs. The lesson was a hard one because the game was hallmarked by a degree of acrimony from the opposition with one member of the crowd in particular being abusive, conduct which he continued to display in the pavilion afterwards.

    Nonetheless cometh the hour cometh the man and despite, or even because of the hostility, Josh was able to chip in with a hat trick!

    From a coaching perspective Ian stated that he was glad that the players had had to contend with hostility early in their careers because the game is punctuated with such instances and the sooner one learns to cope with these situations the better.

    Ian also informed us that there was a new spirit abroad in the England Coaching set up. No longer are young players called up and attempts made to completely remodel their technique.

    Since the advent of Paul Downton there has been improved communication between the international coaches and those working at County level. The County Coaches are now invited to make comment on a player’s strength and asked to make suggestions as to any improvements which can be effected, both now work in harmony!

    Ian stated that the Yorkshire Coaching Staff welcomed the organising of tours as this gives an insight into playing on different paced wickets and in different climatic conditions.

    Players have to learn to adapt to find success under these circumstances and this experience is invaluable in producing well rounded performers. To illustrate this Mosun gave an account of two entirely contrasting innings he had played over the season.

    One was at international level against Sri Lanka when he was required to bat all day to save the game following a disastrous first innings failure. The other was one day game for the Academy in which he was given the freedom to hit the ball to all parts.

    The message given out at Yorkshire, under the guidance of Dizzy Gillespie is to try and keep it simple and not over complicate matters. This will result in the playing of fearless cricket which will bring its own rewards.

    All in all a most memorable evening and which held the enthusiastic audience in interest and admiration for the quality of the Academy set up which filled everyone with a confidence that success for Yorkshire Cricket is ensured for several years to come.

  • Richard Pyrah Benefit Event

    A special event to which all Supporters are invited:

    Richard Pyrah Benefit Evening for members and supporters. A chance to support the benefit and to celebrate the Club’s Championship success.

    Thursday February 5 2015, 7.00pm for 7.45pm, in the Rugby Pavilion, Headingley.

    Two-course meal, in the company of Richard Pyrah, Jason Gillespie, Andrew Gale, Martyn Moxon and Tim Bresnan.

    Tickets £25 ( payment in two installments possible).

    To book Contact Dave Callaghan on 07789 908031 or by email

    Winter Meetings

    We have a number of events planned throughout the winter months.

    Winter meetings at 7pm in the Long Room at Headingley Cricket Ground.

    Sunday February 15

    Anthony McGrath

    Sunday March 22

    Matthew Wood

    Sunday November 15

    Martyn Moxon

    Non-members are always welcome at £2 per meeting.

  • The Christmas Lunch 2014

    Sixty six people sat down to lunch in the Rugby Pavilion, headed by the Yorkshire President Harold “Dickie” Bird O.B.E. Dickie has done a tremendous job during his term of office and has really led from the front. The atmosphere was most conducive to the occasion and there was a definite Yuletide feeling in the air. The meal also showed an increase in quality and was much enjoyed by the diners, although I suspect nothing could have ruined the feeling of exuberance due to the Championship win. This will remain for quite some time, I feel, and the carry-over into next season is essential as the Club faces further depredations by the England Selectors! No fewer than nine of the first team squad are currently included in the England set-up, a true compliment to the quality of players being produced at Yorkshire but more than a bit unsettling for the Yorkshire aficionados’.

    Thanks to the sterling work of Veronica and Joan, the gigantic raffle realised £179 for Association funds and thanks are due in no small part to the generosity of the attending members who donated some first class prizes for the event.

  • Thanks in abundance are also due to Charlotte Evers our chairman, whose hard work behind the scenes ensured that the happy occasion ran smoothly. Thanks are also owed to the catering staff, who unfortunately disappeared completely, before a proper vote of thanks could be given; apparently there was another large function in a different part of the building.

    On behalf of the Committee, I would like to wish all members of the Association a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in which the White Rose continues to bloom

    ASK Hon: Sec: 16th December 2014

  • AGM of the YCCCSA – Sunday December 8

    The AGM was held on Sunday 8th December 2014 in the Long Room. 41 members attended and there were 22 apologies for absence.

    The membership sat in silence in remembrance of Don Phillips and Dennis Parkin, who had sadly passed away during the course of the year.

    The minutes of the last AGM were accepted and in matters arising it was noted that £100 had been donated to the Yorkshire Schools Cricket Association, the proposal that funds be used to provide equipment for young players, who could not afford to continue their interest because of financial constraints, had been deemed impossible to pursue because of the issue of declaration of income &etc; and the request to provide a sightscreen at the Rugby Stand End had also been abandoned because of the proposed stadium developments.

    The statement of accounts demonstrated a loss of income due to the re-location of the Kabin and its adverse effect, especially during International matches and the Club was now fully aware of this. Paul Hudson the new Financial Director will be requested to act as Examiner of the Accounts to replace Charles Hartwell who has now left the Club. The Balance Sheet and Treasurer’s Report were accepted, with thanks, by the membership. Paul Chapman, Ken Shaw and Eric Stephens were thanked for their sterling work in producing the Outgrounds Brochure which made a profit of approximately £1500 for association Funds.

    The Annual Reports by the Chairman, Secretary, Sales Organiser, Membership Secretary and Speaker Finder were also accepted by the meeting.

    The Committee was re-appointed en-bloc and remain Chairman: – Charlotte Evers, Treasurer: – Ken Blackburn, Secretary: – Alan Kaye, committee members: – Veronica Denby, Joan Denby and Clifford Gregg. Veronica was re-appointed to sales, Joan was re-appointed as membership secretary and Ken Shaw was re-appointed as speaker finder.

    With regard to the selection of the Player of the Year Award, the results in reverse order were: –

    3rd Ryan Sidebottom, 2nd Alex Lees and Jack Brooks and the Award went to Adam Lyth

    Adam Lyth was third in the selection of performance of the year, for his 251 at Old Trafford and second, with Aaron Finch for their momentous catch in the T20 Competition and the Award for Outstanding Performance of the Year went to Ryan Sidebottom for his wickets in the Championship matches at Old Trafford and Trent Bridge.

    It was noted that there was a disparity in the duration of the performances in 1st Class Cricket and the shorter versions of the game. It was therefore decided that in future a new award would be instituted, called the Champagne Moment of the Season, in order to redress this imbalance.

    The Young player of the year went to Josh Shaw and the Sally Marshall emerging player of the year was named as James Logan.

    The situation regarding the use of Headingley as the venue for the various functions organised by the Association is to be reviewed by the Committee.

  • Supporters Pay tribute to the out grounds

    With colour photographs and historical details of all the grounds on which Yorkshire have played first class cricket in the first 150 years of the club available from the Kabin at £8.

    Brochures are on sale at the Scarborough stall or by post from Ken Blackburn, 15 Bowood Crescent, Leeds, LS7 2PY, with cheque for £10 to include p&p, payable to YCSA.

    Read the story here