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Yorkshire County Cricket Supporters' Association

The Association are delighted to announce that Sir Gary Verity (Yorkshire CCC board and CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire) has accepted the committee’s invitation to become a patron, joining our existing patrons, The Duchess of Kent and Martyn Moxon.

Life Members

Callaghan, Shaun (LIFE MEMBER)

Duncombe, Vic (LIFE MEMBER)

Holmes, Geoff (LIFE MEMBER)

Kilburn, Christine (LIFE MEMBER)

Wilford, Keith (LIFE MEMBER)

Mission Statement:

To support the Club & Players.

To raise funds to support this aim.

To encourage awareness of and interest in the existence and purpose of the Club and
the Association.

To act as a sounding board for any concerns raised by attendees at fixtures, and take appropriate action.

To promote social interaction and further enjoyment amongst the supporters of Yorkshire Cricket Club.

To facilitate attendance at cricket matches.

To promote links with with other groups to achieve these ends.

To assist in the preservation of the history and cherish the survival of traditions of this great club.

  • The Committee

    Charlotte Evers (Chairman)

    Alan Kaye (Secretary)

    Ken Blackburn (Treasurer)

    Joan Pickering (Membership)

    Veronica Denby (Sales)

    Ken Shaw (Speakers)

    Carol Blackburn

    Geoff Relton

    Paul Rockett

  • News Update

    Good morning All,

    Following yesterday’s committee meeting I can now update you on the latest state of play.

    Paul Rockett has graciously accept the invitation to fill the vacancy on the committee and was in attendance at yesterday’s meeting.

    You will probably have realised that a donation of £3,000 has been given to the Club towards the cost of sending Will Rhodes and Karl Carver to futher their experience and skill in India.

    Andrew Gale will be the Speaker on Sunday 28th February, in the Long Room at 7.00pm.

    The menu for the pre-season lunch in the Old Pavilion is now to hand and Charlotte has prepared order forms for distribution at the meeting on the 28th or from her home address.

    The Coffee and Cake event has been confirmed for Tuesday 10th of May, in the Old Pavilion at 10.00am during the fixture with Surrey The cost will be £1.50 and extra cakes will be available at 40p.

    The breakfast in the Legends Bar on Monday 30th May is confirmed at £7.00, as a prelude the Roses Match.

    Breakfast at the Stumps Bar will be on Tuesday the 13th September, during the final match at Headingley and is priced at £6.00. Linda has indicated that she will be able to accommodate up to 50 people.

    The Scarboro’ dinner is confirmed for Tuesday 5th July at a cost of £23 per head for members. The menu is available on request.

    The Quiz Evening at the Scarboro’ Alexandra Indoor Bowls Centre is confirmed for Wednesday 24th August at a cost of £6.00. The menu comprises meat pie or baked potatoes with fillings. A separate charge of £2.00 will be made to those attending the quiz only and attendees are respectfully asked to wait until the diners have completed their meal before entering the dining hall.

    The possbility of organising a finger buffet on the Balcony of the Carnegie Pavilion has been abandoned because of the building’s unavailability.

    The post season lunch has been confirmed for Friday 14th October (the Day the Battle of Hastings was fought) .

    The AGM will be on 4th December in the Long Room and a Speaker is being sought.

    Finally we have secured the Old Pavilion for the Xmas Lunch on 9th of December.

    Finally the committee spent a great deal of time discussing the implications behind the question of the timing of Sunday Meetings, which was raised at the last AGM. The committee would now welcome a respons from the membership as to the desirability of moving the evening from its present slot at 7.00pm to an afternoon session commencing at 3.00 or 3.30 pm. This was proposed to avoid the necessity of traipsing out on a cold, wet winter’s evening when no public transport was available or at least being able to travel one way in daylight. I have been asked to request that e-mail responses be given to this proposal which will be aired at the next Speaker Meeting on the 28th.

    I look forward to seeing you at all or some of these events.

    Regards and best wishes

  • To Join

    Download our membership information here

    Policy Statement Regarding Membership Database

  • Email Notifications

    I understand that some people are experiencing difficulties in receiving e-mails from me.

    If you do not receive an e-mail around about the time you expect one then please contact me direct on or 01924 493670.

    With thanks

  • YCCSA Awards:

    Player Awards of the year were made for the following categories:
    Player of the Year:
    3rd Place Ryan Sidebottom
    2nd Place Tim Bresnan
    Winner Jonathan Bairstow
    Junior Player of the Year:-
    James Logan which is very gratifying because he was awarded the emerging player for 2014.
    Sally Marshall Award for Emerging Player of 2015:
    Harry Brook
    Performance of the Year:
    3rd Place Jack Brooks for his wickets at Worcester
    2nd Place for taking five wickets on his T20 debut Matthew Fisher
    Winners Jonathan Bairstow and Tim Bresnan for their record breaking stand at the Riverside
    Outstanding Performance of the Year (Champagne Moment a new award) went to Ryan Sidebottom for his three wickets in the opening over of the match against Middlesex at Lords

  • New Year’s Greetin

    Hi All, in the New Year Greetings,

    It is with great sadness that I start this latest information sheet by reporting the passing of Philip Akroyd on the 5th of January. I am sure many of you will be aware of this fact but as Philip was such a popular member of the Association I feel duty bound to make some effort to let the membership know. He will long be remembered for his sterling work on the committee and for his loyal support over the years. I understand that the funeral will be held on Wednesday 27th January at Mirfield Parish Church at 11.30.

    Charlotte is in the process of writing the latest newsletter but she became ill over Christmas and could not travel home from Suffolk where she had spent the Festive Season. I have already had inquiries as to forthcoming events so I have been asked to contact as many people as possible to give out some information. Our first event is on Tuesday 26th January at 7.00 in the Long Room and takes the form of a presentation evening to the Young Players of the Academy. The date has been changed to avoid a clash with the Northern Cricket Society and a mid week slot is more convenient for the young players, Our second event also involves a change in the pattern of meetings. Andrew Gale has been requested to address the Association but he can only manage the last Sunday in February which is the 28th, in the Long Room at 7.00pm.

    Ken Taylor and Bryan Stott have confirmed that they will be able to undertake the Speaker Evening on Sunday 20th March, again in the Long Room at 7.00pm The beginning of season lunch is on Friday 8th April but this is subject to confirmation The Coffee and Cake Morning has been set for the 10th May during the fixture against Surrey. The breakfast in the Old Pavilion is provisionally booked for Monday 30th May during the Roses Match. The Scarboro’ Dinner at the Royal has been penciled in for Tuesday 5th July during the fixture against Middlesex. The Bowls Evening Quiz has been tentatively arranged for Wednesday 24th August. The “Stumps” breakfast is being organised on the 13th September during the match with Somerset. The post season lunch will be on Friday 14th October. The AGM is on Sunday 4th December and the Xmas Lunch is on 9th or 16th December, to be confirmed. The membership cards are with the printer and the draft has been approved so they should be available for the meetings on the 26th January and 28th February.

    Hope this is useful. I look forward to seeing you soon

  • Ian Dews and “Young Yorkshire “

    On 26th January over thirty members were entertained to an excellent evening with Ian Dews and three of Yorkshire’s young players – James Logan, Jack Shutt and Yassar Imtiaz. The players spoke about their starts in cricket and how they made their way into Yorkshire’s Academy, the pressures of playing at different levels and their aspirations for the future. Ian Dews outlined the plans for the Academy trip to South Africa, and the opportunities it will afford to the youngsters to play and coach in very different conditions. The players will be based at Potchefstroom and will work alongside a Pro-coach group with Andrew Gale and Tim Bresnan. Ian explained the emphasis that Yorkshire puts on players continuing their education whilst developing their cricket careers. All three players present are in full time education either at school or university.

    The evening included the presentation to James Logan of the YCCSA “Young Player of the Year” award