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Members' Committee- Overview

The Club encourages effective communication with its Members and the Members’ Committee, as defined in the Club rules, is appointed for that purpose.


The concept of Members’ Committee is to act as the conduit between the active membership and the club.

One of the key components are the organised forums that take place at specific matches throughout the season The objective has always been to provide a platform for Members’ to raise topics and questions of a substantive nature.

Regular committee meetings are also staged throughout the year to discuss a number of topics including pricing policy, additional benefits and the upkeep of members’ facilities.

Chairman: Graeme Greenfield

Elected Members: Mrs C Evers, Mr H Ray, Mrs P Beesley

Appointed Members: Mr G Greenfield & Mr C Woodthorpe

Board Nominated Member: Mr R Levin


  • Graeme Greenfield (Chairman)
    Charlotte Evers (Elected Member)
  • Howard Ray (Elected Member)
    Pauline Beesley (Elected Member)
  • Chris Woodthorpe (Appointed Member)