The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF), in collaboration with partners including Yorkshire Sport Foundation, proudly unveils an inspiring initiative that is set to transform the cricket landscape across Yorkshire. A network of cutting-edge reusing centres, strategically positioned throughout the region, will redefine how cricket gear is accessed, shared, and re-purposed, fostering sustainability and inclusivity in the sport.

As an esteemed charity affiliated with The Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC), the YCF’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and promoting sustainable practices comes to the forefront with these new Cric-Kit recycling hubs. Going beyond the conventional boundaries of cricket, these hubs exemplify the power of collaboration between the YCF, partners, and local communities to create a lasting impact.

Following a year-long pilot phase, the recycling hubs have not only forged strong partnerships but also yielded invaluable insights that have shaped a robust framework. This framework stands as a testament to the initiative’s success in democratising the game and making it more accessible to all.

Since its launch in September 2022, the Cric-Kit recycling initiative has achieved remarkable success, notably through established hubs in Leeds and Sheffield. To elevate its impact, the initiative has joined forces with The Center for Sustainable Design (CfSD)® at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA). Together, they conducted an in-depth study exploring the multifaceted benefits – social, environmental, and economic – facilitated by the Cric-Kit initiative. Interested parties can access the comprehensive report via the below:

Cric-Kit report 18.07.23

A new Cric-Kit donation hub at Park Avenue Bradford.

The Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground will soon witness the flourishing of a new Cric-Kit recycling hub, complementing the existing hubs at Headingley Cricket Ground in Leeds and Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club. These hubs serve as both collection points for donated cricket equipment and distribution centres, catering to those in need. The project’s success hinges on the generosity of contributions, ensuring that gently used equipment continues to serve its purpose, aligning perfectly with the sustainability ethos by extending equipment lifespans.

Ziarat Nasa Hussain, Facilities Manager and Head of Grounds at Park Avenue Bradford, expressed his enthusiasm about the project’s potential impact on Bradford’s communities: “I was genuinely excited when I first learned about this initiative. It’s interesting that in some other cricket reuse programs, items are frequently sent abroad under the assumption that there’s a greater need in other countries. However, I hold a different perspective. I strongly believe that there’s a significant need to support the communities in Bradford. These communities often encounter obstacles in accessing cricket due to financial constraints and limited availability of equipment.

Drawing from our network within the cricket domain, particularly at our ground, I am confident that we can contribute to making a meaningful difference. By closely collaborating with stakeholders and tapping into their expertise, we can effectively eliminate existing barriers. One such barrier is the hesitance some individuals feel about asking their teammates to borrow cricket gear, which can hinder their participation. Additionally, the absence of proper equipment acts as a deterrent for people interested in joining cricket clubs or groups.

It’s worth noting that inadequate equipment can also take a toll on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. I am deeply committed to ensuring that this situation does not resonate with anyone.”

Leading this transformative initiative is Kendal James and her dedicated team. As Head of Participation for YCF, James’ deep-rooted connections within local cricketing community organisations have been instrumental in driving this impactful endeavour. By eliminating cost barriers and making equipment accessible through the Kidd3r website, a marketplace for pre-loved kit, Cric-Kit aims to amplify cricket’s reach and impact.

Between September and October 2023, the three Cric-Kit hubs welcome equipment donations, with another donation window planned for March to April 2024. Donated items will be repurposed to fuel diverse community programs championed by YCF in Yorkshire and beyond.

The expansion of the Cric-Kit program in Bradford has garnered the support of the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, which generously funded storage units at all hub locations, embodying their commitment to accessible physical activity for all residents.

In conclusion, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Cric-Kit Recycling Initiative shines as a beacon of sustainability, empowerment, and inclusivity. By repurposing cricket equipment and breaking financial barriers, this initiative not only elevates the sport but also uplifts local communities. They hope to achieve further funding to continue to develop this revolutionary initiative nationwide.

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