Cric-Kit, a pioneering initiative launched by The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation last year, has made remarkable strides in promoting sustainability and fostering community engagement through the recycling of cricket equipment.

With its dedicated hubs established in at Headingley Cricket Ground, in Leeds and the Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club, in South Yorkshire, Cric-Kit has garnered widespread support and achieved notable results.

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By providing a platform for cricket enthusiasts to donate their cricket gear, Cric-Kit has not only facilitated the reuse of equipment but also created a positive impact on the environment. In this wrap-up article, we will delve into the highlights of Cric-Kit’s journey so far, shedding light on the passionate donors, dedicated collectors, and the significant impact they have had on cricketing communities.

One of the Cric-Kit recycling hubs is set up at the Sheffield Caribbean Sports Ground.

Donation Success and Environmental Impact

During the pre-season window from January to April 2023, Cric-Kit experienced an overwhelming response from cricket lovers across Sheffield and Leeds. A total of 410 donations flooded in, with 182 donations from Sheffield and 228 donations from Leeds. These contributions came from individuals, families, and local cricket clubs, all recognising the value of repurposing cricket equipment and ensuring its continued use.

Kendal James, the Participation Manager for the YCF, and founder of the initiative, said: “Sport kit and cricket equipment is expensive for a lot of people, it’s the biggest barrier to taking part in cricket.”

The environmental impact of these donations is noteworthy. Through the reuse of these donated items, Cric-Kit in 2023 has saved:

  • 465.44 liters of water, which is equivalent to the average amount of water required to fill about 1,862 standard water bottles (500ml)
  • 196.8 kilograms of oil, used in the production of synthetic garments by weight. This amount of oil is equivalent to the fuel consumption of a small car driving approximately 2,638 miles (4,245 kilometers).
  • 3,878.6 kilograms of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). This reduction in carbon emissions is equivalent to offsetting the carbon footprint of about 195,000 miles (313,820 kilometers) driven by an average passenger vehicle.

Recipient’s Experiences:
Among the kit recipients was Margaret Maiden, representing Scarcroft Cricket Club. She expressed her satisfaction by stating,

Margaret said: “Scarcroft Cricket Club Junior Section have benefited from the cricket kit donated by Yorkshire Cricket and the Cric-Kit initiative. We are excited to receive a selection of kit including helmets, batting gloves, pads, protective equipment, a cricket bag and, the icing on the cake -Yorkshire Diamonds junior shirts and an England shirt.”

Partnership with Kidd3r:
Building on its success, Cric-Kit has forged a valuable partnership with Kidd3r, an innovative online platform that facilitates the exchange of sports equipment among families. Kidd3r’s user-friendly interface allows families to buy, sell, swap, and donate pre-loved kit. Additionally, families who are in a position to do so can contribute to charities through the sales of their items. This collaboration further amplifies Cric-Kit’s reach and encourages the recycling and redistribution of cricket gear, benefitting both the community and the environment.

Claire Moffat, the founder of Kidd3r, said: “Kidd3r is a game-changer for Cric-Kit, revolutionising the way cricket kit is utilized. With its user-friendly platform and charitable contributions, Kidd3r empowers families to buy, sell, swap, or donate kit, while generating revenue for Cric-Kit. This partnership enables Cric-Kit to extend the life of cricket gear, benefit the community, and make a meaningful impact in sustainable sports practices.”

Future plans:

Looking ahead, Cric-Kit has ambitious plans for growth and expansion. The launch of the Bradford Park Avenue hub in September marks an exciting milestone in the initiative’s journey. As the donations window reopens during September and October, cricket enthusiasts and community members will have another opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the sustainability-focused mission of Cric-Kit.

This programme has successfully engaged the community, promoted sustainability, and made a positive impact on the environment through its cricket equipment recycling efforts. With ongoing partnerships and upcoming expansions, Cric-Kit is poised to continue its journey of empowering communities and creating a greener future for cricket enthusiasts.

The Yorkshire Sport Foundation and Zero Waste Leeds deserve a special mention and our sincere gratitude. Our concept has become a reality thanks to their invaluable assistance and cooperation. Additionally, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the kind people who voluntarily donated their cricket equipment. Their generosity and contributions allow us to have a positive influence on the field of sports sustainability. One kit at a time, we are changing the world together.

Get involved in Cric-Kit

Cric-Kit recycling hubs are now open at:

Headingley Cricket Ground, in Leeds
Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club

& a recycling hub is set to open at Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground in September 2023.

Donation windows 2023

From the beginning of September-October, the three Cric-Kit hubs at Headingley Cricket Ground, Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground and the Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club will accept cricket kit donations.

All donations will then be recycled and reused across a number of community programmes run by YCF in Yorkshire.

If you would like to donate cricket kit at any of the three hubs, please contact the below to arrange:

Headingley Cricket Ground
Drop off at the ticket office on St Michael’s Lane.

Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club
Facebook page, click here & Email: [email protected]

Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground
Facebook page, click here

& for any further information about Cric-Kit, please contact Kendal James, Participation Manager for YCF, on:

[email protected]

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