Pop-Up Cricket aims to introduce the game to children between the age of 6 and 13 who may not have had the opportunity, resources or facilities to pick up a bat and ball and play Cricket in the past.

When looking for the facilities to hire for the project, we purposefully avoid cricket grounds, instead favouring multi-use games areas (MUGAs), playing fields and parks in a bid to reach new audiences who may have an interest in playing but don’t necessarily feel comfortable in going down to their local club. These locations are frequently used and are located at the heart of local communities.

The centres chosen are in areas of deprivation or remote locations where the opportunity to play and practice in a formal setting may not be possible or environmental apathy may prevent play in a formal structure.

Funded by the Charitable Youth Trust, the sessions are run by Yorkshire Cricket affiliated coaches. Children do not need to sign-up, register or pay to attend the sessions; they are free to anyone who wishes to participate.

To ensure sustainability once the project finishes, each child who engages for more than 2 sessions is given a plastic bat and wind ball, enabling the continuation of play even after the coaches leave.

To get involved in Pop Up Cricket, please contact [email protected]