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Yorkshire Vikings mascot Vinny The Viking - a true Yorkshire Warrior

He was frozen in time 1500 years ago in the lands of the icy North, where the Vikings ruled.

  • Villious Johansen the Viking Warrior aka Vinny the Viking has returned to Jorvik and his spiritual home of Headingley.

    Vinny has had the call from ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie to join the Yorkshire Vikings and he is ready to be the best that he can be and give every ounce of blood, sweat and tears to wear with pride the famous white rose on his chest.

    The training regime has begun in earnest.

    He is ready to be a warrior for Yorkshire. He is focussed with intent.

    Our Yorkshire, Our Team, Battle forged.

    On these fields green and pleasant.

    Stepping forward, unafraid.

    To be strong, hitting harder, bowling faster is not enough.

    To succeed we must believe.

    Honest endeavour, cohesive in purpose, unyielding in pursuit of victory.

    Our hopes and dreams are carried on the shoulders of Vikings

    For our county we stand, for the White Rose we fight, this land of milk and honey from Middlesbrough in the north, to Sheffield in the south, to the East coast of Scarborough and Hull, to the west on borders of the enemy to our home in Leeds, this white rose, we are Yorkshire Vikings and we are ready.