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Yorkshire Pride Appeal

Anyone who watches cricket will know the physical toll that the game can take on bowlers. A new project being undertaken by Yorkshire CCC is hoping to provide a breakthrough in understanding the effects of bowling on young players.

In the last four years no fewer than seven Yorkshire bowlers aged between 15 and 19 have suffered from stress fractures in their backs caused by their bowling action. This requires an entire season on the sidelines to allow the injury to heal. Little research has been undertaken into this phenomenon but Yorkshire’s medical team believes there is a link between these injuries and low bone density. By scanning every young bowler at the Club is hoped that a system can be devised to minimise the risk of players developing stress fractures.

With each bone scan costing £200 it will be a costly process – but a hugely important one for the future of YCCC and cricket in general. Funds from the Yorkshire Pride Lottery go towards the Bowling Research Project and it’s hoped that Yorkshire’s bowling stars of the future will never again be lost to this kind of injury.