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Update from Yorkshire County Cricket Club - 6 December

— 6 December 2021

Whistleblowing hotline update

Yorkshire County Cricket Club today gives the following update on the independent Whistleblowing hotline which became operational on 15 November.

The club is committed to transparency regarding the volume of contact to the hotline.

Further to its previous communications, it has been confirmed that emails have been received from 12 individuals in the week 29 November – 6 December.

More information about the hotline may be accessed here:

Mohinderpal Sethi QC of Littleton Chambers has been appointed to lead the independent investigation process to consider complaints that are lodged through the hotline, and all communications received are reviewed by Mr Sethi’s team which communicates directly with those who have made contact.

Anyone wishing to lodge a formal complaint about any form of discrimination that they have suffered as a result of any act or omission of the Club can do so using a dedicated email address: