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Yorkshire Pride Lottery winner scoops £12k

— 1 May 2020

Yorkshire supporter Mr John Chapman is the lucky winner of this year’s Yorkshire Pride Lottery annual draw.

Mr Chapman, who has been a member of the Yorkshire Pride Lottery since 2016, was informed that he was the recipient of the £12,000 prize from Yorkshire’s chief executive Mark Arthur.

A stunned Mr Chapman, who regularly attends matches at Scarborough and Driffield, responded “this isn’t a wind-up, is it?”

Following the phone call, Arthur said: “I am delighted that John has been rewarded for his fantastic support of the Yorkshire Pride Lottery.

“Although we are all currently in lockdown and self-isolating, it was great to have had the opportunity to inform John over the phone and chat about cricket.

“The Yorkshire Pride lottery is a fantastic way for Members and supporters to get behind some fantastic initiatives. Who knows, like John, you could the lucky recipient of £12,000 next year!”

The Yorkshire Pride offers key support for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and the Yorkshire Academy. Members’ contributions make a positive difference in the community and help to keep Yorkshire’s rich cricketing heritage alive.

The Lottery also runs a weekly draw, pulled out on a Friday, where the top jackpot is £500 with another ten £10 prizes up for grabs. The jackpot has rolled over in the last few weeks and currently stands at £1,500 (30th April 2020).

You can sign up as a member of the Yorkshire Pride Lottery today by clicking here