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Yorkshire players return for pre-season

— 13 November 2017

Yorkshire’s preparations for 2018 have stepped up a gear after members of the playing staff returned to pre-season training at Emerald Headingley this morning.

A handful of senior players, including England limited overs international David Willey, were joined by a host of young guns in a medical screening session in the East Stand nets.

“The lads have come in on an appointment basis, so they’re not all in until tomorrow when we will do a team session,” explained strength and conditioning coach Ian Fisher.

“They get some medical screening from the physios and we get to do some measures with them from the strength and conditioning side.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen the lads since they left us at the end of September.

“We are going to drip feed the testing in over the next couple of weeks after we have done some regular training with them.

“Things like the bleep test will take place after two weeks. I want the guys to have some training load in them beforehand. We are just being a bit cautious.

“The first two weeks is purely physical, it’s all strength and conditioning. After that, the cricket skills will be introduced. Both programmes then run together all the way through the winter.”

  • Former left-arm spinner Fisher has experienced both sides of a winter training programme during his time in the county game.

    “I’ve been ridiculously excited about today, the first day back,” he admitted.

    “I started the planning in the summer and have been making sure all the bookings for different venues we use are done.

    “We train off site a little bit. We do a lot of our training here, but we use David Lloyd gym and do some overground running at either the Leeds Rhinos facility or at Weetwood.

    “I’ve also got one or two special things planned, but I’m going to keep those a secret for now!

    “It’s all changed since I was a player. But certain principles will never go. Players still need to run and get stronger.

    “When I came back as a player, the first two weeks were quite hard. That’s where now we are trying to be a little bit more considerate to guys who have had a tough summer and used the last six weeks to rest and recuperate.

    “You can’t just blast it on day one because you’ll be worse for it.

    “There were times when I didn’t come back until March 1, but my career was starting just as 12-month contracts were starting, so that didn’t happen for too long.

    “I wouldn’t be doing the job I am now if I didn’t enjoy it, but I always enjoyed the winter training.”

  • Coach Andrew Gale was present to welcome his players back, although he was minus the likes of Tim Bresnan, Adam Lyth, Liam Plunkett and Adil Rashid, all of whom are playing T20 cricket in Bangladesh.

    “Personally, I’m refreshed,” he said. “I’m sure the lads are as well.

    “It’s always an exciting time of the year when the lads come back and there’s some banter flying around.

    “Our winters have always been pretty good.

    “We’re doing things slightly different this time.

    “We’re back in a bit earlier, but that will mean more time off after Christmas as well. Instead of having a full eight or nine-week block, the lads will have an extra week off here and there.

    “The season always seems to come around quicker than you think. Before you blink it’s Christmas and then the pre-season tour comes around just as quickly.

    “The main thing is to get last year out of our heads.

    “What happened, happened. But we’ve all got a point to prove – every single one of us.

    “That will only happen by getting around each other, creating that team spirit and being willing to work hard. Fair play, they are a hard working group.”