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Patto conquers New York and says thanks!

— 17 November 2010

Steve Patterson and his girlfriend Beth have asked the Club to pass on their thanks for the support they received when they ran the New York Marathon for charity on 7 November.

Their official time was 4 hours 12 minutes and 41 seconds, but more importantly they have raised a few thousand pounds for the British Lung Foundation. We know many of you were touched by the tragic story behind Steve’s charity efforts.

Steve said: “I would really like to thank the Yorkshire CCC members and supporters for their kindness in sponsoring our efforts. We’ve still got money coming in to support the British Lung Foundation and hopefully we can boost the total raised a bit more yet.”

He added: “We had a fantastic time in New York. To run the marathon there in front of 2 million plus was an incredible experience. Because we were running for a cause that meant a lot to us and because people had donated so generously it really did drive us on to the finishing line.”

If you would like to add a donation to a very good cause please visit


After enjoying a memorable season for the White Rose County, Steve Patterson is swapping his whites for running attire as he prepares to run the New York Marathon for charity on Sunday 7 November.

In the end of season edition of the YCM, which will be with members very shortly, we caught up with Yorkshire bowler Steve Patterson to find out what he thought to the 2010 season and what his plans are for the New York Marathon.


In a sneak preview we reproduce the end of the interview here to tickle your taste buds, but also to encourage you to help Steve’s efforts for a very worthy cause, and one which is very close to his heart… 

Steve took 2-10 on that final afternoon against Kent and for a little while there was some slim hope that Yorkshire could still win the game – even with 8 runs required and 4 Kent wickets remaining.

“When you come to that stage of the year you have to give it everything you’ve got. We had nothing to lose by then. By then everyone expected Kent to win and we just gave it our all. Rash and I got a couple of wickets each and they started to wobble. I missed a half chance off Darren Stevens when I leapt out for it but couldn’t quite grab it. I saw that as an important moment because he’s an experienced player and it was a big wicket. I gave it everything I could. When it’s probably the last over you’ll bowl all season you want to give it everything and I was disappointed, was on the floor and didn’t really want to get up because I was so gutted.”

And Patto being Patto he has plans for the winter. This time it isn’t travelling or climbing Mount Everest, but something arguably more arduous and very close to his heart.

“I rest for a few weeks and then we start back as a group on 1 November doing our training with our lovely fitness coach Thomas. I’ve got a holiday over Christmas planned with my girlfriend and I am also running the New York Marathon in November.

Some people will be wondering what would possess me to do that at this time of year, but it is something that means a lot to me. I had a tragic time with my family last year when I lost a couple of my cousins within a month and it was a very tough time for my family. My cousins were in the process of raising money for the British Lung Foundation because they’d lost a friend themselves to a lung problem and after a bit of time we decided as a family that, in their memory, we would take on that responsibility to raise what they never got the opportunity to do. The eldest of my cousins was 27-years-old when she died we decided that our target should be £27,000. I had to contribute something myself. It had to be out of season and decided the New York Marathon would be a great opportunity and experience and opted for that.

I’ve paid for it out of my own pocket and if Yorkshire supporters would like to help me they should visit Have a read of my story, you don’t have to necessarily sponsor me, it explains a bit more detail of what happened and why I’m raising this money. If you read it and think it’s a valuable cause they would be very welcome to donate.”

And looking forward to 2011 is it a case of the same again please?

“There are a lot of positives to take from this year and I think as long as we still have the same attitude and mentality going forward there is no reason why we can’t go one step further. I’m going to get in the gym and work even harder than I did last year so I can be 10 or 20% better than I was last year. I want to get my 50 wickets in the Championship in 2011 which I narrowly missed out on this time and I just want to surpass what I’ve done this year.  Although I’ve been really pleased with the way things have gone I see this as a start and a stepping stone to move forward.

If you look at the success Yorkshire have had in the past and talking to senior and ex-players, the experience of winning the Championship or playing in a Lord’s Final are some of the memories I’d like to have and achieve. I think the rest of the lads would echo that and if we come back strong there’s no reason why we can’t do it.”

The full interview is contained in the end of season YCM which will be on members’ doorsteps very shortly…

And a reminder of Steve’s charity webpage –