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Retractable 'All Sip Roof' set for Headingley Cricket Ground

— 1 April 2015

Headingley Cricket Ground will become the first stadium in the world to install the latest retractable roofing system that will form the centrepiece of the new North/South Stand, due to be built in time for the 2019 cricket season.

The Yorkshire County Cricket Club has agreed, in principle, to sign a historic agreement on April 1 with German-based All Sip Roof.

The technology will be incorporated into the design of the new North/South Stand, which links the rugby ground to the cricket arena. The ‘All Sip Roof’ will retract across the entire playing area ensuring that no days’ of play are lost to inclement weather.

  • The All Sip Roof system has been developed over the past three years in the city of Gelsenkirchen in Germany’s Ruhr Valley. After a number of weeks of negotiations, the Club, in-conjunction with its German roofing consultant Dorsal Loafyip, finally agreed today to incorporate the innovative All Sip Roof, which will see Headingley become one of the great stadiums of the world.

    “It is a historic day for Headingley,” said leading roof consultant Dorsal Loafyip.

    “The Headingley Stadium complex is synonymous across the world and in the year it celebrates its 125th anniversary, the cricket ground will continue to innovate with the installation of a retractable roof incorporating the state-of-the-art All Sip Roof translucent finish.

    “We approached Yorkshire County Cricket Club and presented Club Officials with a strategy to eradicate the fear of too many rained off matches and rain delays especially around the major matches at the venue. Our system will stop the weather from intervening at matches forever.

    “The Club has struggled to come to terms with the rain and how it causes problems for players’ and members’. The All Sip Roof will enable matches to carry on even when there is a strong downpour. This is the future of cricket and it will be rolled out first in Yorkshire.”

  • David Ryder, Yorkshire’s Operations Director, believes the All Sip Roof will see Headingley lead the way in stadium development.

    “In recent years we have lost too many days of cricket to rain and the All Sip Roof will give us a solution to overcome these challenges we face during the cricket season,” he added.

    “The All Sip Roof will protect the pitch from inclement weather and the innovative translucent roof will mean that the recently installed floodlights will filter through onto the playing surface. This is real progress for Headingley and cricket in general. We are very pleased to be leading the way in stadium development.”

    Headingley’s new North/South Stand is set to open in 2019, when the ground will stage an Ashes Test Match and four ICC World Cup matches.

  • Of Course, the ‘All Sip Roof’ system is an April Fools joke published earlier this morning. Many spotted the anagram of ‘April Fools’ within the title of the ‘roofing firm’. The new North/South Stand will not have a retracting roof but the latest visuals of the project will be revealed in due course.