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Seconds lose to the Falcons in back-to-back T20s

— 17 May 2014

It was a case of “After the Lord Mayor`s show todat at Derby stumbled to two defeats to end their T20 programme for the season. The wicket was helpful to seam bowlers all the way through but, unfortunately, we never had enough runs to challenge in either game.

Game 1:

Derbyshire won the toss and decided to bat first and struggled from the off against Yorkshire`s seamers although Azeem Rafiq was at his most parsimonious in one of best spells of the season. Ben Coad got one to rise sharply to rap Paul Borrington painfully on the hand and the game was halted for several minutes while first aid was applied. At 71/7, Yorkshire held high hopes of keeping Derbyshire under three figures but slow left-armer Tom Knight showed that he can bit as well and his 32* at least set a target approaching six an over.

Yorkshire `s pursuit of a modest target never got going and at 20/6, when Rafiq was Run Out, we were well on course to register our lowest-ever total, just 24 hours after scoring our highest. Luckily, Andrew Hodd had other ideas and he found singles just about everywhere but was only able to score two boundaries during his 50-minute stay at the wicket.

Yorkshire at least managed to get past their lowest-ever total but had lost to many wickets too early to ever mount a serios challenge.

Derbyshire innings

C F Hughes b Tattersall 10; P M Borrington (Capt) c Coad b Shaw 18; B T Slater c Rhodes b Shaw 21; R Ali c Tatersall b Rafiq 1; G T C Cork c Hodd b Shaw 0; T C knight Not Out 32; A P Pallaino c Leaning b Rafiq 9; H R Hosein (WK) LBW Carver 1; R Hassan c Hodgson b Rhodes 19; M L Turner Not Out 2
Did Not Bat – M Higginbottom

Extras – 4 (4w)

Total (8 Wkts) 117 (20 overs)

Fall of Wickets – 1/10 ( Hughes); 2/44 (Borrington); 3/47 (Ali); 4/52 (Slater); 5/53 (Cork); 6/63 (Palladino); 7/71 (Hosein); 8/106 (Hassan)

Bowling – Tattersall 2-0-16-1; Coad 2 -0-15-0; Rhodes 4-0-22-1; Shaw 4-0-25-3; Rafiq 4-1-7-2; Carver 4-0-32-1

h3. Yorkshire innings

A Z Lees c Hosein b Turner 4; J A Tattersall (Capt) c Higginbottom b Turner 0; D M Hodgson c Hosein b Higginbottom; J A Leaning b Higginbottom; W M H Rhodes c Hughes b Higginbottom 5; A J Hodd (WK) LBW Knight 36; A Rafiq Run Out (Hassan) 0; O E robinson b Palladino 11; J Shaw b Hassan 11; B O Coad c Hassan b Palladino 7; K Carver Not Out 8

Extras – 9 (2 lb; 5w; 2 nb)

Total (All Out) 91 (19.3 overs)

Fall of Wickets – 1/ 5 (Tattersall); 2/5 (Hodgson); 3/5 (Leaning); 4/9 (Lees); 5/19 (Rhodes); 6/20 (Rafiq); 7/49 (Robinson); 8/73 (Shaw); 9/75 (Hodd); 10/91 (Coad)

Bowling – Turner 4-1-16-2; Higginbottom 4-0-11-3; Cork 2-0-12-0; Palladino 3.3-0-19-2; Hughes 2-0-11-0; Knight 2-0-12-1; Hassan 2-0-8-1.

Derbyshire (2 pts) beat Yorkhire by 26 runs

Game 2:

Yorkshire won the toss and chose to bat first. And the match then proceeded to follow a similar pattern as bowlers held sway. Oliver Robinson was the only Yorkshire player to get to grips with conditions but no-one was able to say with him for any length of time.

So Yorkshire`s eventual total of 121/8 would not normally cause any problems but this pitch said otherwise and the visiting bowlers, Karl Carver (4/14) especially created a real hope of a victory when they reduced the home side to 81/6, with 41 still needed from 33 deliveries.

Enter Gareth Cross, recently signed from the Cheshire Premier League, where he had been playing after his recent release by Lancashire. He showed that, as is the modern way, cricketers need two stings to their bow as he scored 29* from just 17 deliveries with five fours and one six.

Along with Scott Elstone (26*) he got his new team over the line with eight deliveries remaining.

Yorkshire innings

A Z Lees c Durston b Clare 25; J A Tattersall (Capt) c Wainwright b Durston 2; D M Hodgson (WK) b Footitt 0; J A Leaning c Cross b Groenewald 1; W M H Rhodes c Slater b C F Hughes 27; A J Hodd c Madsen b Clare 3; A Rafiq c & b Elstone 8; O E Robinson Not Out 34; J Shaw Run Out (Groenewald) 4; B O Coad Not Out 0

Did Not Bat – K Carver

Extras – 17 (2lb; 9w; 6nb)

Total (8Wkts) 121 (20 overs)

Fall of Wickets – 1/3 (Tattersall); 2/5 (Hodgson); 3/12 (Leaning); 4/46 (Lees); 5/52 (Hodd); 6/75 (Rafiq); 7/99 (Rhodes); 8/111 (Shaw)

Bowling – Durston 3-0-11-1; Footitt 3-0-25-1; Groenewald 3-0-28-1; Clare 2-0-7-2; Wainwright 2-0-7-0; Elstone 2-0-16-1; A L Hughes 3-0-17-0; C F Hughes 2-0-8-1.

Derbyshire innings

C F Hughes c Tatersall b Carver 30; B T Slater c Tattersall b Coad 3; W L Durston c Rafiq b Robinson 3; W L Madsen (Capt) c Lees b Carver 18; S L Elstone Not Out 26; A L Hughes LBW Carver 1; J L Clare c Lees b Carver 5; G D Cross (WK) Not Out 29

Did Not Bat – T D Groenewald, D J ainwright; M H A Fotitt

Extras – 8 (4 lb, 4w)

Total (6 wkts) 123 (18.4 ovres)

Fall of Wickets 1/6 (Slater); 2/28 (Durston); 3/30 (C F Hughes); 4/61 (Madsen0; 5/73 (a l HUGHES); 6/81 (Clare)

Bowling – Leaning 4-1-11-0; Coad 3-0-21-1; Robinson 2.4-0-17-1; Rafiq 4-0-43-0; Carver 4-0-14-4; Rhodes 1-0-13-0/ Derbyshire (2 pts) beat Yorkshire by 4 wickets.

Howard Clayton (2nd XI Scorer, Yorkshire CCC)