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Seconds draw at Notts.

— 21 April 2014

Day 3

So Jack Leaning and Will Rhodes did not quite mange to add the 211 I had hoped for yesterday but they went DARN close with 194 in 217 minutes to take the score to 244/4. They were finally parted at 2.48 pm, having begun their partnership at 6.22 pm the previous evening.

Their efforts did not mean that the match was safe, however, until skipper Azeem Rafiq finally took it beyond Nottinghamshire`s reach with a resounding assault on the home bowlers to the tune of an undefeated 87 from just 85 deliveries with 14 fours and one six.

When he declared at 5.00 pm on 368/8, Yorkshire led by 247 runs with a minimum of 17 overs left in the day and not even the most pessimistic T20 calculation could see their batsmen scoring consistently at 14.52 runs per over.

A quite splendid effort on the part of the young 2nd XI and they gained 12 points from the match with the home side taking 13.
The nascent 2nd XI Championship table looks as follows with just two games played

1) Yorkshire 23 points from 2 games
2) Nottinghamshire 12 points from 1 game
3) Glamorgan 11 points from 1 game

The team now departs on its third away fixture of three in season 2014 to take on Lancashire 2nd XI in a 3-day friendly at Northop Hall CC in North Wales on 22, 23 & 24 April. They then come back to Headingley for another three-day friendly against the Red Rose on 28, 29 & 30 April.

Nottinghamshire 2nd XI v Yorkshire 2nd XI 2nd XI Championship

Day 3 of 3

Yorkshire (2nd inns) Overnight 63/3

Yorkshire 2nd Inns continued – J A Leaning LBW SKW Wood 80; W M H Rhodes c L Wood b S K W Wood 89; O E Robinson LBW SKW Wood 11; Azeem Rafiq (Capt) Not Out 87; R M Pyrah LBW Kitt 1; J Shaw LBW Azad 8; M D Fisher Not Out 5
B O Coad & M A Ashraf did not bat
Extras – 50 (13 b; 18 lb; 1 w; 18 nb)

Total (8 Wkts dec) 368 (97.3 overs)

Fall of wickets – 4/244 (Rhodes); 5/245 (Leaning); 6/270 (Robinson); 7/296 (Pyrah); 8/363 (Shaw)
Bowling – Shahzad 15-5-42-1; Hutton 16.3-2-71-0; L Wood 16-6-45-1; Franks 13-5-32-1; Tillcock 7-0-46-0; S K W Wood 17-5-55-3; Kitt 12-2-44-1; Azad 1-0-2-1.

Match drawn – Notts 13 points; Yorks 12 pts

Howard Clayton (Scorer, Yorks 2nd XI)

Day 2

The final two sessions today showed exactly why the game of Cricket is such an intriguing one as fortunes swung dramatically against the White Rose. Nottinghamshire had lunched at 147/6, still 108 behind with hopes amongst the visitors of a decent first-innings lead.

Two hours later, Andrew Tillcock and Brett Hutton, who had just come together before lunch, were finally parted as Josh Shaw won an LBW decision against Tillcock, but not before he had made his highest score of 115. He and Hutton had added 164 for the seventh wicket, needless to say, the best-ever stand for that wicket for Notts against Yorkshire, beating the previous best of 114 when one of the participants was W H “Dusty” Hare, more famous in the Rugby Union than the cricket world.

Shaw followed up with the ninth wicket three balls later and Yorkshire had, at least gained their four bowling points. But the final pair of Paul Franks and Luke Wood proceeded to delay the end by smashing 52 in just 36 minutes before Paul Franks was finally dismissed by Jonathan Tattersall taking a catch off Jack Leaning`s bowling.

The bad news was that Yorkshire now trailed by 121 with 21 overs to bat out. The ultimate aim was not to lose any wickets, of course, but this turned out not to be the case as Callis, Tattersall and Hodgson all fell before the close with the visitors still 58 adrift.

Jack Leaning and Will Rhodes will resume tomorrow morning with the target of getting to lunchtime first of all.. Last year, this same pair added 211 against Leicestershire at Market Harborough and a repeat of that feat would be most welcome on the final day of this encounter.

Nottinghamshire (1st innings continued) W T Root c Leaning b Pyrah 33; A D Tillcock LBW Shaw 115; M H Cross (WK) c Hodgson b Coad 12; A Shahzad c Coad b Rafiq 8; B A Hutton c Hodgson b Pyrah 75; S Webster c Rafiq b Shaw 0; P J Franks (Capt) c Tattersall b Leaning 36; L Wood Not Out 31.
B M Kitt did not bat
Extras – 24 (14 lb; 10 nb)
Total (all Out) 376 (106.3 overs)

Fall of Wickets – 4/108 (Root); 5/125 (Cross); 6/134 (Shahzad) 7/298 (Tillcock); 8/298 (Webster); 9/324 (Hutton); 10/376 (Franks)

Bowling – Ashraf 17-8-46-2; Fisher 15-6-45-0; Pyrah 19-6-54-3; Shaw 14-2-66-2; Coad 13-3-29-1; Rafiq 15-2-55-1; Robinson 10-1-36-0; Leaning 3.3-0-31-1.

Yorkshire (2nd Innings) – E Callis b Franks 32; J A Tattersall c Hutton b Shahzad 3; D M Hodgson (WK) LBW L Wood 2; J A Leaning Not Out 6; W M H Rhodes Not \out 3

Extras – 17 (15 lb; 2 nb)
Total (3 Wkts) 63 (21 overs)

Fall of Wickets – 1/29 (Tattersall); 2/50 (Hodgson); 3/50 (Callis)

Bowling – Shahzad 6-3-14-1; Huttin 3-0-25-0; L Wood 6-5-4-1; Franks 5-4-2-1; Tillcock 1-0-3-0.

Yorkshire (7 pts) trail Notts (8 pts) by 58 runs with seven second innings remaining

Day 1:

On 13 and 14 July 1959, Mike Hellawell, much better known as a Footballer and one W P Tiler, who played a few 2nd XI games in the late 1950s, added 43 for the last wicket at Worksop Town CC for Yorkshire against Nottinghamshire and that record had stood the test of time until this afternoon.

Matt Fisher (21 *) and Ben Coad (23) added 49 for the last wicket against Nottinghamshire at the Notts Sports Ground and this is now the highest 10th wicket stand for Yorkshire in the Championship against Notts.

Earlier, after some premising stands had been cut short, Will Rhodes (71) and Azeem Rafiq (28) had added 75 for the 6th wicket and had seemed to be getting on top but Rafiq went at 190 and Rhodes followed two runs later and a promising situation had been allowed to slip away.

At 206/9, a third batting point at 250 seemed like a wishful day-dream but we had reckoned with Messrs Coad and Fisher, who duly wrote themselves into history and got that 3rd point.

Then the bowlers allowed Notts to get away to 50 for no wicket but then struck back with three wickets for four runs in five balls as Moin Ashraf induced Hassan Azad to stick his pads in front of straight one and then gloved Sam Wood with a bouncer, before Richard Pyrah got into the act by getting rid of Sam Kellett, also LBW.

  • Notts finished on 85/3, since 170 behind. Yorkshire have four points from the day`s labours and need quick wickets tomorrow morning.

    Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire 2nd XI Championship at Notts Sports Ground – April 14 to 16

    Yorkshire on the toss and elected to bat

    Yorkshire 1st Innings – E Callis c Cross b Shahzad 0; J A Tattersall c Cross b Kitt 40; D M Hodgson (WK) c Cross b Hutton 19; J A Leaning LBW L Wood 1; W M H Rhodes b Franks 71; O E Robinson b Shahzad 14; Azeem Rafiq (Capt) c Kelsall b L Wood 28; R M Pyrah b L Wood 11; J Shaw LBW L Wood 2; B O Coad c Azad b Hutton 23; M D Fisher Not Out 21
    M A Ashraf did not bat
    Extras – 25 (11 b; 6 LB; 2w; 6 nb)
    Total (All Out) 255 (77.2 overs)

    Fall of Wickets – 1/0 (Callis); 2/33 (Hodgson; 3/57 (Leaning); 4/79 (Tattersall); 5/115 (Robinson); 6/190 (Rafiq); 7/192 (Rhodes); 8/199 (Shaw); 9/ 206 (Pyrah); 10/255 (Coad)

    Bowling – Shahzad 15-5-44-2; Hutton 18.2-5-38-2; L Wood 16-2-53-4; Kitt 13-1-44-1; Tillcock 2-0-14-0; Franks 7-1-29-1; S Wood 6-2-16-0.

    Nottnghamshire – 1st innings – S Kelsall LBW Pyrah 17; Hasan Azad LBW Ashraf 25; S K W Wood c Leaning b Ashraf 0; W T Root Not Out 18; A D Tillcock Not Out 12
    Extras 13 (9lb; 4 nb)
    Total (3 Wkts) 85 (26 overs)

    Fall of Wickets – 1/50 (Azad); 2/50 (S Wood); 3/54 (Kelsall)

    Bowling – Ashraf 8-3-21-2; Fisher 4-2-10-0; Pyrah 5-1-18-1; Shaw 3-1-15-0; Coad 4-1-10-0; Rafiq 2-1-2-0.

    Yorkshire 4 points; Notts 4 points. Yorks lead by 170, going into day 2.

    Howard Clayton (Scorer, Yorks CCC 2nd XI)

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