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— 30 November 2022

The YCCC Whistleblowing Hotline has to date received 142 Complaints.

Every Complainant has been contacted by the Sethi Investigation team.

Of the 52 Complaints falling within the Terms of Reference, 22 complaints are being actively investigated (the remaining 29 having been either resolved, redirected or voluntarily discontinued).

Of the Complaints falling within the Terms of Reference which are actively being investigated, every single Complainant has attended an investigation meeting with the Sethi Investigation Team.

The Investigation meetings with each of those Complainants clarified the Complaints and identified the further steps necessary to progress the Investigation, from which the Sethi Investigation Team made a series of requests for further information to YCCC. The Sethi Investigation is pleased to record that YCCC has cooperated with the Sethi Investigation’s requests for further information, including permitting a forensic IT search of its computer systems. All of the documents produced as a result of those searches have been reviewed in detail by the Sethi Investigation Team.

The Sethi Investigation is now predominantly engaged in conducting its remaining interviews with witnesses (i.e. persons other than the complainants) to the matters raised in the active Complaints. On the assumption that the number of complaints being received via the YCCC Whistleblowing Hotline remains at relatively low levels (and subject to any further information being received in respect of the active Complaints) the Sethi Investigation intends soon to begin making final determinations in respect of the active Complaints it is investigating.

The outcomes of those Complaints will be notified to YCCC once finalised.