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Whistleblowing Hotline Update: September 2022

— 16 September 2022

The YCCC Whistleblowing Hotline has to date received 121 Complaints.

Every Complainant has been contacted by the Sethi Investigation team.

Of the 50 Complaints falling within the Terms of Reference, 21 complaints are being actively investigated (the remaining 29 having been either resolved, redirected or voluntarily discontinued).

Of the active Complaints falling within the Terms of Reference, every single Complainant has attended an investigation meeting with the Sethi Investigation Team.

The Investigation meetings with each of those Complainants clarified the Complaints and identified the further steps necessary to progress the Investigation, from which the Sethi Investigation Team made a series of requests for further information to YCCC.

Initial responses to those information requests were received from YCCC, following which a forensic IT search of YCCC’s internal IT systems – at the request of the Sethi Investigation – was conducted. The documents produced by those searches – which have been received by the Sethi Investigation Team and have been reviewed in detail – have fed into the Sethi Investigation Team’s ongoing work.

On 29 July 2022, YCCC provided the Sethi Investigation with two letters of complaint that it had received directly (i.e. outwith the YCCC Whistleblowing Hotline) relating to matters which ostensibly appeared to fall within the Sethi Investigation’s Terms of Reference. On 1 August 2022, the Chair of the Sethi Investigation confirmed that pursuant to paragraph 2.1(2) of the Terms of Reference, the Sethi Investigation would investigate these complaints, of which it now stands seised. The investigation into those complaints is now well underway, in parallel with the Sethi Investigation team’s work on the active Complaints.

The Sethi Investigation is now predominantly engaged in interviewing witnesses (i.e. persons other than the complainants) to the matters raised in the active Complaints. Witnesses have now been interviewed in a majority of active Complaints, which work is ongoing.

It is anticipated that the Sethi Investigation will soon be in a position to make final determinations on a number of active Complaints. The outcomes of those Complaints will be notified to YCCC once finalised.

Further investigative work will continue in respect of the remaining active Complaints, for which interviews are currently being arranged.

Anyone wishing to lodge a formal complaint about any form of discrimination that they have suffered as a result of any act or omission of the Club can do so using a dedicated email address: