Grand opening of Cric-Kit at Headingley. Players, partners and the YCF present

Pictured, from left: Akhil Adulla, Event planner Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, Glenn Holdsworth, a Development Manager for Yorkshire Sport Foundation, Kendal James, Participation Manager for YCF and founder of Cric-Kit, Dominic Leech, Yorkshire CCC cricketer, Gill Coupland, Co-director of Zero Waste Leeds and Yorkshire CCC captain Jonny Tattersall.

At Cric-Kit, we’re on a mission to transform the way Yorkshire and the entire UK view sports clothing. We believe in fostering a culture of giving, recycling, and reusing sports gear, all while breaking down barriers to community participation.

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation is committed to enhancing accessibility and championing sustainability, and our new Cric-Kit recycling hubs are a testament to that commitment. These hubs represent a collaborative effort between YCF, our partners, and local communities, working together to create a lasting impact that extends beyond the boundaries of cricket.

After a successful year-long pilot phase, our recycling hubs have not only formed strong partnerships but have also provided invaluable insights that have shaped a solid framework. This framework stands as proof of our initiative’s success in democratizing the game and making it accessible to all.

Since our launch in September 2022, the Cric-Kit recycling initiative has achieved remarkable success, with established hubs in Leeds, Sheffield, and Bradford. To amplify our impact, we’ve joined forces with The Center for Sustainable Design (CfSD)® at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) to conduct an in-depth study exploring the multifaceted benefits—social, environmental, and economic—facilitated by the Cric-Kit initiative.

For those interested, you can access the comprehensive report here.

Get Involved in Cric-Kit

Our Cric-Kit recycling hubs are now open at the following locations:

  • Headingley Cricket Ground, Leeds
  • Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club
  • Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground

Donation windows are as follows:

  • From March to April, the three Cric-Kit hubs will accept cricket kit donations.
  • Another donation window runs from September to October.

All donations will be recycled and reused in various community programs run by YCF in Yorkshire.

To donate cricket kit at any of the three hubs, please contact the following:

  • Headingley Cricket Ground: Drop off at the ticket office on St Michael’s Lane.
  • Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club: Visit our Facebook page or email [email protected].
  • Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground: Visit our Facebook page or email [email protected].

For further information about Cric-Kit, please contact Kendal James, Participation Manager for YCF, at [email protected]. Join us in making a difference through Cric-Kit!