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  • Huge branding space to include logos/adverts
  • Regularly shown on Sky Sports/BBC
  • Beneath the Leeds/Bradford Airport flight path – visible from above
  • Seen by all spectators within the ground – covering the wickets or resting at pitchside

When play is suspended, the covers protect the playing surface and become the centre of attention for both fans and the media.

With a vast branding space, the covers offer one of the largest sites at the ground and allows your branding to be seen by thousands of spectators who attend each match. In addition, the covers receive huge amounts of media coverage, particularly from Sky Sports, who have time to fill during stoppages in play and use the opportunity to film the umpires checking for play conditions.

Headingley Cricket Ground is directly under the flight path into Leeds/Bradford International Airport which handles over 3 million passengers a year. Your branding will be seen by passengers landing at one of the country’s busiest airports.

Even on an uninterrupted days play, the branded covers will receive extensive media coverage and allow your brand to be seen by our passionate spectators. The opportunity to associate your brand with such an integral part of Headingley Cricket Ground is one of great substantial value.

For further information please contact Simon Pixsley, Head of Sales on 01132 033667 or send an email enquiry to